About Us

Datorating DWC-LLC is a venture established in 2006 with the goal of providing clients around the globe with expert guidance, planning, marketing, and risk management, in the energy industry. To this end, it has worked effectively for more than a decade to help companies in the energy sector to beat challenges encountered in analysis of markets. We offer comprehensive services, covering diverse aspects such as marketing, sales and issue mitigation, involved in the energy sector.

We are headed by a pioneer. Born and raised in Germany, and having spent around 30 years of his life there, the CEO and Founder of Datorating DWC-LLC has put in all his resources including a galaxy of contacts and deep experience in the industry to bring cheerful results for energy companies through our services.

Why Datorating

We never leave you hanging, no matter what. We know the right recipe to cook up the perfect marketing strategy, and cover all aspects of the ordeal, from planning to implementation and risk mitigation. Besides the provision of consultation and strategic management in sales, we offer evaluation of the projects in terms of costs and potential markets.

Strong Channel
of Contacts

With a sturdy and broad network of contacts in the energy markets, Datorating has the ability to bring you international investors and customers that you may not find otherwise. We believe in growth and expansion, and we use this principle along with our advantage of useful acquaintances to widen the spectrum of your current market and audience.

Filling the Gap among Companies and Customers

Our marketing solutions leave no medium untried in the process of building your market and fetching you good investors. We know what companies in your industry are looking for, and we use our expertise to analyze and predict market trends. Be your company a startup at its onset, or a well-grown company, we are great help.

How We Can Help
Sales Management

Datorating DWC-LLC has excelled in sales, marketing and product management since more than a decade, and knows the roots of effective sales. We do not just test the waters. We get our feet wet, and ensure that your project is received well.

Marketing Services

We facilitate all kinds of marketing strategies, of which, you can pick a combination for the perfect introduction or revival of your project in the eyes of current and potential customers. Be it sales, telesales, or online marketing, we do it all, and we do it well.

Risk Management

Our long experience and thorough analytical team has led us to understand what can go wrong in a project. We carry out deep analysis of different factors involved, and recognize the risks with subsequent suggestion of prevention and mitigation solutions.


Datorating has an immense professional network among energy companies, and we can help you find investors for your project. Additionally, we can finance your project on our own as well, providing you sturdy sponsorship and great growth opportunities.

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