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Who we are

Datorating DWC-LLC is a global company with more than 10 years of experience in analyzing sales behavior. There is much more to a project than just the inception of its idea. This is no reason for worry, of course, because Datorating DWC-LLC takes care of almost everything else! Here is a company that provides exceptional solutions for sales, marketing and risk management, exclusively for clients in the energy sector.

Comprehensive Solutions

We never leave you hanging, no matter what. We know the right recipe to cook up the perfect marketing strategy, and cover all aspects of the ordeal, from planning to implementation and risk mitigation. Besides the provision of consultation and strategic management in sales, we offer evaluation of the projects in terms of costs and potential markets.

Strong Channel of Contacts

With a sturdy and broad network of contacts in the energy markets, Datorating has the ability to bring you international investors and customers that you may not find otherwise. We believe in growth and expansion, and we use this principle along with our advantage of useful acquaintances to widen the spectrum of your current market and audience.

Filling the Gap among Companies and Customers

With a sturdy and broad network of contacts in the energy markets, Datorating has the ability to bring you international investors and customers that you may not find otherwise. We believe in growth and expansion, and we use this principle along with our advantage of useful acquaintances to widen the spectrum of your current market and audience.

Know Us Better

Datorating DWC-LLC is a venture established in 2006 with the goal of providing clients around the globe with expert guidance, planning, marketing, and risk management, in the energy industry. To this end, it has worked effectively for more than a decade to help companies in the energy sector to beat challenges encountered in analysis of markets. We offer comprehensive services, covering diverse aspects such as marketing, sales and issue mitigation, involved in the energy sector.

About Our CEO

We are headed by a pioneer. Born and raised in Germany, and having spent around 30 years of his life there, the CEO and Founder of Datorating DWC-LLC has put in all his resources including a galaxy of contacts and deep experience in the industry to bring cheerful results for energy companies through our services.

How We Do It

  • Growth and proliferation of sales routes
  • Win back Campaigns for Customer Recovery
  • CRM services for Customer Engagement
  • Helping suppliers and distributors of energy through software tools
  • Provision of exclusive means of sale for gas and electricity
  • Consultation in areas of customer retention and sales management
  • Measures for telemarketing (acquisition of gas and electricity customers through telephone)
  • Creation and encouragement of a cooperative environment among suppliers and multipliers of energy

Delving a Bit Deeper

Our CEO at Datorating DWC-LLC was born in Germany, has resided there for 30 years, and has great expertise in this industry along with a strong network of professional acquaintances. We are, therefore, the best choice for consulting, sales, marketing and management services for energy companies. Here are a few more factors that push us to the forefront in our industry.


Datorating DWC-LLC has a wide network of contacts in the energy field, and is acquainted with highly reputed energy companies across Germany, many of which it has worked with. This network equips it with growth in sales and marketing for clients


We do not leave you hanging after the facilitation of just a few areas of help. We cover it all, and complete our job thoroughly. Our company provides support in sales, telesales, online marketing, as well as analysis for energy-based projects.


No one and nothing beats the expertise that is gained through time. Datorating DWC-LLC was established in 2006, and since then, has been setting milestones in analysis and structuring of sales, markets, products, risk management, etc.


We also specialize in comprehensive analysis of business ideas and startups, helping you figure out the potential, markets, demand and risks of your firm. We can also help you find investors for your venture, or ourselves provide you with financial support.


With the strength and stability gained through a successful decade of service, we are enabled to aid you in different ways. We invest through our own funds, and connect you to clients through our contacts in the Middle East and Germany.

Our Services


Datorating DWC-LLC strives to provide firms in the energy industry with a reliable set of services that covers every aspect of their project. We know that you have tons to deal with in every project, and this is why, we take care of marketing, sales, product management, planning, structuring, investment, and risk management for you. The chief aim behind the functioning of Datorating is to bring quality in the management and marketing operations involved in an energy-based project. The more greatly you rely on us, the more you will realize that Datorating believes in quality and achievement of results.


Datorating uses a smartly planned sales strategy, and its large number of German contacts to speed up your sales process and deliver great results in a short amount of time. We plan ahead of the time, considering not only the current market trends, but also those in the near future. Every offer we come up with is educated and calculated so as to make sure that the campaign turns out to be highly profitable for you.


Our telesales team consists of well-trained and highly experienced professionals who are adept in communicating with your customers over the telephone, and effectively generating sales. With our proficient communication skills, our ability to convince associates and customers of our clients’ reliability and authenticity, and our perfect presentation of our clients’ products, we deliver incredible results through telemarketing.


Risk management is an indispensable part of any planning and management process nowadays. While delivering the best, one needs to be prepared to prevent and mitigate the worst. Our professional risk management experts carry out deep analysis of every process, plan and market to recognize the possible risks and suggest effective ways of their prevention and mitigation. Be it fickle trends in the market, fallacious blueprints, and what not, we always place our finger upon it in due time.


Who could be a better ally for finding you great investors than an investor themselves. Datorating remains in consistent touch with several of the best investors in the energy industry. This makes us greatly reliable in bringing in hefty investments for your company. Additionally, Datorating can invest in your venture on its own as well. Our goal is the encouragement of growth in the energy industry through managerial and financial support.

Email Marketing

Datorating has been involved in marketing services for more than a decade, and is the best help you can find in the industry for energy companies. We know what works the best in email marketing. Our promotional emails are designed by experts to look absolutely professional and are focused on the value gained by the customers by availing your products or services. Moreover, we recognize just the right target audience for every campaign.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is a service that is available in abundance but is hardly ever carried out to perfection. For effective marketing over the internet, we analyze the audience and carry out campaigns that have the best chance of being seen by relevant viewers through wise distribution of promotions over webpages and platforms that are most likely to be visited and used by your target customers.

Structuring and Planning

Marketing and sales are not simple processes. They are two very significant aspects of a project that are complicated and intermingled, which makes it important that they are carried out with strategic organization and structuring. We are here to help. Datorating provides a structured framework uniquely designed for each project so as to bring the best outcomes from its marketing, sales and product management.

Business Consultation

Datorating DWC-LLC has been proving its distinction in business innovation, consultation and management since 2006. We are always here to help. We can furnish you with an expert analysis of your business idea in terms of efficacy, feasibility, potential and target markets. Similarly, we can provide your working teams with a thorough evaluation of your project plan, equipping them with solutions to current and potentially arising issues.

Client Testimonials

When it comes to developing and managing sales and sales leads NO ONE is more knowledgeable. We worked on a lot of projects and I am always impressed with the innovative team approach to any situation. When your business needs help, Datorating is your Partner

CEO, G Garage

Ottimo servizio e speriamo di poter lavorare di nuovo insieme !


Wir haben 2016 mit Datorating eine mehrmonatige Leads Kampagne durchgeführt und das Ergebniss war sehr beeindruckend.

Sven E.


Dubai, UAE

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